This video shows a superior oblique tenotomy of the (L) eye using a “chicken” suture. In this view the superior rectus is on the right and the medial rectus is above. A circumferential conjunctival incision is made just anterior to the superior rectus insertion site. The Tenon’s capsule is penetrated on the nasal side of the superior rectus insertion and a muscle hook is placed around the insertion. The superior rectus is freed of check ligaments and intermuscular membranes. The globe is retracted downwards while a von Graefe hook is directed posteriorly along the nasal border of the superior rectus. It is rotated away from the globe after it engages the reflected tendon of the superior oblique. After the tendon is freed of surrounding connective tissue, two hooks are placed around it in order to expose a segment of its nasal portion. A 5-0 dacron suture is locked to the tendon in 2 locations 3mm apart. A short segment of suture is left bridging the 2 preplaced sutures and the tendon is then divided. The two cut ends retract but are easily retrieved by pulling on the slack “chicken” suture.