This video shows a horizontal, temporal transposition of the vertical recti of the (L) eye. In this view, the superior rectus is above, inferior below, medial to the right and lateral to the left. A limbal peritomy is performed counterclockwise from the 7:00 o’clock to the 11:00 o’clock position, passing in front of the superior, lateral and inferiror recti. The superior rectus is isolated on a muscle hook and freed of check ligaments and intermuscular membranes. The muscle is secured on a 6-0 vicryl suture which is woven through the muscle near its site and locked to the medial and lateral borders of the muscle. The muscle is then disinserted. The inferior rectus muscle is isolated and sutured in a similar fashion and disinserted from the globe.The lateral rectus muscle is hooked in order to stabilize the globe. The superior rectus is observed being pulled inferotemperally towards the lateral rectus muscle insertion. It is transposed just superior to the upper end of the lateral rectus insertion and sutured to the scleral so that the new insertion site lies parallel to the limbus. Similarly, the inferior rectus muscle is transposed in a superotemporal direction and inserted just inferior to the lower end of the insertion site of the lateral rectus in a line parallel to the limbus. The conjunctiva is reinserted at the limbus using interrupted 6-0 vicryl sutures.